Thursday, June 23, 2011

manong konstru trailer


Friday, October 9, 2009

tween sex scene

everyone who has seen the sneak preview of BOYLETS will tell you that if you didn't know the two guys were straight, they would have had you fooled that they were not just acting out a scene but were really into it in the finale love scene of the movie BOYLETS which will be shown on october 14 in robinsons galleria, remar cinema cubao, isetann cinema quiapo and colon cinema cebu. This is Joef Javier's first full length movie and although he has been seen full naked in some illegally distributed photos on the internet, he said that 'acting in a movie is different kasi hindi matatakpan mga mali at pangit di tulad ng picture naduduktor. kaya kinalimutan ko na lang ang itsura ko at nagpokus sa ginagawa ng karakter ko. malinaw magbigay ng direksyon si direk at honest siya kung gusto niya o hindi ang ginawa mo... ni hindi ako naasiwa sa mga eksenang love scene kasi naramdaman ko yung karakter ko, kung ano siya, kung sino siya. pakiramdam ko nga nung ginagawa namin yun, isinulat ni direk ang script na ako talaga yung ikinuwento niya.' Joef is also an out of school youth who has tried his luck in some male beauty pageants and posed in some male magazines but he was 'llubog-llitaw kasi hindi ko alam ano gusto ko talaga... ngayon eto talaga ang gusto ko kasi nag-enjoy ako gawin ang movie. kaya sana panoorin niyo...'

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

BOYLETS showing October 14

What if you are still very young and at peace with your sexuality and your dream boy is an out of school good for nothing guy? What if he actually likes you? What if he is about to leave for good and only you can stop him? This steamy indie movie is showing in select cinemas: Robinsons Galleria, Remar-Cubao, Isetann-Recto, Cebu and soon in Davao. Starring Joeffrey Javier, Charles Delgado, Rusty Adonis and Francis Sienes. Yup, I produced, wrote and directed it. Please support. Thanks.

finally back

Thursday, October 30, 2008

finally back!!!

was so busy for a few months with my movie QUICKTRIP that i not only forgot to log on here but totally forgot my password. until yesterday i remembered an important word... and person... and finally remembered...

so much has happened. "Quicktrip" with very little publicity made good audience turn out. and if you noticed that since two years ago, a cinema in robinsons galleria, ortigas has been devoted to screening only local independently produced digital movies. it's called INDIE SINE.

but to-date, there are far too many indie movies for indie sine to accommodate so my group decided to look for venues outside robinsons.

we are now screening indie movies on almost every week in isetann cinerama, recto, quiapo, manila.

we started last september with the re-screening of my past movies like "Duda", "Bathhouse". "Bilog", "Moreno", etcetera and we did perform well at the box office. i was surprised that "duda" and "bathhouse" still brought in some market.

isetann is intending to build their own indie circuit.